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The major aim of this study is to examine the mutual interactive effects of ethno religious conflict and mass media in nortthern nigeria and how the consequences. The impact of ethnoreligious conflict on nigerian federalism. This paper explores the impact of ethnoreligious conflicts on nigerias federalism and sustainability, with greater emphasis on the increasing saga of the boko. Get free research paper on effect of fulaniherdsmen and farmers crisis on food security in abraka, delta state nigeria our project topics and materials are suitable for students in nigeria with case studies in pdf, doc. Colonial masters play a vital role in the growth of ethno religious conflicts, these colonial masters brought the christianity with them and try to penetrate the western values in the system of nigeria. May 1, 2004 yelwa sheldam plateau state an ethno religious mayhem that claimed over 500 lives and many women and children were abducted by suspected taroh militia. Economic management of ethno religious crises in nigeria. Economic management of ethnoreligious crises in nigeria. The situation is such that the religious crises tend to reinforce ethnic cleavages and rancor in the country.

Another ethno religious conflict that left a remarkable mark in nigeria was the kadunaenugu riots. Request pdf a diary of ethnoreligious crises in nigeria. The nature of the nigerian state seems to be not only responsible for the regrettably deepening ethno religious crisis that have become endemic, pervasive and unfortunate, but also is increasingly proving incapable of evolving credible and competent strategies that should address this ugly. The igbo massacre of 1966 in the north that followed the countercoup of the same year had as a dual cause the igbo officers coup and preexisting sectarian tensions between the igbos and the local muslims. So deep were these religious and ethnic antagonisms that one northern nigerian muslim nationalist leader declared nigeria the mistake of 1914 while a prominent southern nigerian christian. Apart from the carnage and destruction of property, the growing. To interrogate and address the fundamental issues central to the paper, the paper is structured as follows. Ethnoreligious crises are part of issues that are of grave concern in nigeria. Violent religious clashes broke out in the city of kaduna in northern nigeria on february 21 and have continued throughout the week. The roots of nigerias religious and ethnic conflict the.

The paper investigates the religious and political implications of herdsmen and farmers crisis in nigeria. A strategic model onyemaechi joseph onwe1 abstract the disturbing economic, political and social consequences of ethno religious crises and conflicts in nigeria are major concerns of all stakeholders in the nigerian development process. At time it becomes difficult to categorize any crisis as ethnic or religious. Nigeria nigeria experiences civil unrest, violence and strikes. Analysts attempt to overcome this difficult by referring to such crises as ethnoreligious. Request pdf a diary of ethno religious crises in nigeria. Poor people have little or no access to proper education.

Ethnoreligious identity and conflict in northern nigeria. The effects of religious crisis on economic development in. Ethnoreligious crises simply occur as a result of religious intolerance. The growing incidence of ethno religious crisis in nigeria is sufficiently worrisome to assert that the government that statutorily has responsibility for crisis management is not doing enough. Since the emergence of the nascent democracy in 1999, nigeria has become a permanent flashpoint of violent clashes. Ethnocentrism and ethnopolitical conflicts in northern. This was a major factor in the biafran secession and the resulting civil war. The root cause of this set of riot was the introduction of the islamic legal code sharia by some. The gruesome clashes among some of nigeria s disparate ethno religious groups have become a nightmare that haunts the country and constitute a threat to. Political and religious implications of herdsmen and.

Causes, effects and solutions ethnic and religious issues form part of the most recurring. The paper therefore examines the effects of ethno religious crisis on economic developmentwith special emphasis on boko haram and also identifying the root causes of ethno religious crisis in nigeria. By ethnoreligious conflict, it means a situation in which the relationship between members of one ethnic or religious group and another of such group in a multiethnic and multireligious society is characterized by lack of cordiality, mutual suspicion and fear, and a tendency towards violent confrontation. The study points out the significance of examining the effects of ethno political conflicts in northern nigeria on governance and human security in historical context. The effects and implications of ethno religious crises, which is part of the social well being of the people, therefore constitute a threat to nigeria s national security.

This is the fate facing nigeria today, at great cost to its economic development. Religious conflict in nigeria goes as far back as 1953, and in the case of the town of tafawa balewa, to 1948. Ethnoreligious conflicts and a nation in crisis punch. To what extent are conflicts emerging from ethnic or religious. Ethno religious crisis and nigerian democracy international. Abstract since the 1914 amalgamation of the northern and southern regions of nigeria by the british colonial government, nigerians have continued to debate the issues of peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic groups on the one hand, and between christians and muslims on the other. Ntroduction nigeria presents a complex of individual as well as a conflation and recursive identities of which the ethnic, religious, regional and subethnic communal are the most salient and the main bases for violent conflicts in the country.

Caueses of religious crisis in nigeria solutions causes of religious crisis in nigeria. The high rate of poverty is a common cause of religious crisis. Beginning from 80s the religious crisis was taken to a different dimension following the outbreak of maitatsine crises of 198085. Religious conflict has been noted as the worst conflict in human nature mauro, 2004. The paper concludes by suggesting how to curb ethno religious problems in nigeria in order to promote good governance. By muhammad gambo isgogo hassan adamu makuku umar hamidu aliyu abstract introduction nigeria is no doubt a populous nation of over 88 million 1991 population census but as at now nigeria s population is estimated to be above 120 million people of diverse ethnic groups and many religions. The importance, how to, effect causes relationship, comparison, history, role. Department of business administration, rufus giwa polytechnic, owo, ondo state email. I department of economics and management sciences faculty of arts and social sciences nigerian defence academy kaduna. The methodology adopted is documentary survey and analysis done qualitatively, the major findings of the causes of crisis is as a result of destructions of farmers crops, cattle rustling, demographic climate change. This a paper is posed to trace the cause, effectsconsequences and. Apparently, the government itself is generating crises directly by failing to appreciate the peoples aspirations. The nigerian constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all its citizens, thereby making the.

Professor of biblical studies mission and religion and society babcock university, ilishanremo, ogun state, nigeria email. From literature consulted the conflicts and unrest experienced in nigeria can be categorized into the followings. The state which had hitherto been one of the most relatively peaceful in west africa has been deeply enmeshed and suffused in. It is rich but nigerians are poor, many extremely so, its members are from different ethnic, political and religious communities. To interrogate and address the fundamental issues central to the paper, the paper is. Abstract social crisis could be corruption, ethno religious, war, genocide, or political, which effects are.

In nigeria, since the return to civil rule in 1999, domestic instability arising from ethnoreligious, inter and intra communal conflicts of varying degrees and. Religious conflicts in nigeria world socialist web site. The latency of episodic genocide by grace okoye a dissertation presented to the graduate school of humanities and. Finally, ethnicity is presumed to be a destabilising factor with farreaching impacts on. Ethnicity, religion, ethno religious conflict, integration, good governance. Religious groups, indigenes, and settlers should always resort to dialogue and mediation if any issue arises between such groups. Manifestation, effect and the aw y forardw nwaomah, s.

The issue has permeated the nations political land scape since the colonial period and up till the present time, there seems to be no solution in sight to the accompanying conflicts of ethnic rivalry and religious intolerance. Nigeria has been deeply enmeshed and suffused in political and ethno religious conflicts characterized by genocidal attacks, bombing, maiming and killings of several persons, loss of business investments, and properties worth several billions of naira. There has been various ethno religious crisis in nigeria from independence till date. Nigeria has been pushed hither and thither by recurrent crises of regional or state illegitimacy, often impairing efforts at economic transformation, democratisation, national cohesion and stability osaghae and suberu 2005. An assessment of the february 21, 2000, kaduna metropolitan conflict, paper presented at the national conference on crisis and conflict management in nigeria since 1980, organized by the nigerian defence academy, kaduna, 1517 june. Nigeria s two major religions, islam and christianity, are sometimes depicted as. The crisis was seen as the northern nigeria s first major wave of religiouslyinspired violence. Communal and ethnoreligious crises and their implications. Religious and ethnic nationalism has led to conf licts about control of state power, unequal allocation of resources, citizenship issues, state collapse, economic decline and ethno religious clashes. Ethnoreligious conflicts and the dilemma of democratic.

Theoretical evidence from nigeria saheed, zakaree s. Nigeria in the last decade has been characterized by crisis of ethnic and religious dimensions. For example, in plateau state, in nigeria s middle belt, there have been many outbreaks of bloody violence between different communities since the. Causes, effects and solutions ethnic and religious issues form part of the most recurring phenomena in nigeria s body politics. Ethnoreligious conflicts and national security in nigeria. Religious and ethnic nationalism has led to conflicts about control of state power, unequal allocation of resources, citizenship issues, state collapse, economic decline and ethnoreligious clashes. Introduction nigeria has had a long and unfortunate history of communal conflicts and ethno religious violence. The intractable jos ethno religious crisis has recurred severally between 2008. Good governance, conflicts, ethno religious identities, clashes of civilization and. The effects of religious crisis on economic development in nigeria. Plateau state of nigeria has been in the news since the first major ethno religious conflict of 7th september, 2001 in which over 2000 lives were lost and property worth millions of naira nigerian currency were destroyed in the capital city of jos and other local government areas. Ethnic and religious issues form part of the most recurring phenomena in nigeria s body politics.

Download ethnoreligious conflict in nigeria by basil ugorji to read the full paper in pdf. The country is today being suffocated by religious, ethnic and social conflicts. Nigeria has been pushed hither and thither by recurrent crises of regional or state illegitimacy, often impairing efforts at. The paper examines the impact of ethnoreligious crises on socioeconomic development in nigeria with a view to pinpointing its nature, form, causes and. It is against this background that the study seeks to examine the causes, impact, implications and management of ethno religious crises in nigeria with a view to proffering. All religion should always preach about the sanctity of life. Ethno religious conflict in jos, nigeria, intensely dissected the ethno religious crisis in jos and proffered workable solutions. The effects of religious crisis on economic development in nigeria olabimtan oladele e. In due course, the paper argues that politicization of ethnicity has created an avenue for elites for divide and rule tactics. Ethnoreligious conflicts and the theoretical foundation. Led by muhammadu marwa, a cameroonian living in kano, the crisis prompted immense ethno religious discord between.

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