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Love the amp as it is a nice clean sounding tube fender with balls to boot. Fender amp preamp tube layout and recommendations kca. Its the preamp tube that fender used in classic amplifiers such as the tweed deluxe, many champs, and the revered 57 twin. How amps work rob robinettes car and tube amp website.

Prowess amplifiers offers resources for the guitar tube amplifier builder. I agree that tubes can make all the difference,i have spent much time swapping preamp tubes,it is worth the time. The prosonic head doesnt have reverb, so not sure that the layout of the combo which does helps. What i think may have changed to accommodate the reverb abd tremolo on both channels is a change in the tube layout. Consult with one of our custom shop dealers to create your dream instrument, customcrafted by our worldclass luthiers in corona. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Vermont, usa they dont have a list, but just looking at sheet 1 and 2, you can read the types of each tube. Thanks nonetheless though, appreciate the responses. Theyve built a lot of great sounding tube amplifiers that have been reissued and used all over the world. They dont have a list, but just looking at sheet 1 and 2, you can read the types of each tube. The model has received numerous circuit and cosmetic changes over the years.

Fender 75 affordable, pointtopoint and great tone youtube. Though the original 1952 design was intended and marketed as a bass guitar amplifier, guitar. Fender 75 vintage 1x15 tube combo amp 1980s black reverb. Redblue wire from pt is a 50v bias tap, this wire is not. The history of the fender twin amp stretches all the way back to 1952 when it was first released. To view this site, you must enable javascript or upgrade to a javascriptcapable browser. How to layout and build a guitar amplifier chassis. I also have fender s customer service email, which is hard to find, but only use it if you genuinely have some sort of real problem or a serious question.

Redblue wire from pt is a 50v bias tap, this wire is not connected in this amplifier. Fender blues junior iv 1x12 15watt tube combo amp sweetwater. Fender hot rod deville 410 iii 60w 4x10 tube guitar combo. Question about fender model 75 amplifier the steel. Fender 75 vintage higain 75 watt tube amp fender guitar amps, yesterday and.

The following is true for everything you have questions about. Gibson les paul 59 custom shop ratt in i starkaren. I recently acquired a fender model 75 combo all tube amp. Aa763ab763 tube layout seen from behind, v1 is to the right side v4 12ax7 12 reverb recovery and 12 gain stage for vibrato channel.

The fender hot rod deville 410 iii is a 60watt guitar amp combo with classic 4 x 10 speaker configuration borrowed from the legendary super reverb and 59 bassman amps, the bottom end headroom characteristic of 6l6 tubes, and a versatile all12ax7 tube preamp, with amazing clean and overdriven tones, luscious fender spring reverb, effects loop, an. Wall plug power of 120 volts ac usa or 100, 220 or 240 volts ac in other countries runs to the fuse f1. The nickname is a misnomer, as tweed is a coarse woollen fabric, often woven in a twill pattern. Support for fender instruments, amplifiers, audio, and accessories. Customdesign your own fender instrument from your laptop, mobile device or favorite retailer. To view this site, you must enable javascript or upgrade to a. The 30, 75 and 140 werent in the riveraera, as they predate paul riveras time with fender. I play a 1981 fender 75 tube 1x15 combo using a gibson les paul and a fender stratocaster. Fender amplifiers became established with the tweed series, wood cases covered in varnished cotton twill in the manner of suitcases of the era. The pro originally called the professional is one of fenders oldest amp designs. The twin reverb output transformer is designed to work most efficiently with the following impedancesloads and tube power configurations. Groove tubes started in southern california, and through innovative design, rigorous. Fender stratocaster guitar controller and software bundle for playstation 4.

Fender forums view topic tube schematic for supersonic 112. It also has a foot switch that have red and green leds that says leadrev. Bright switch, volume clean, treble with pullknob boost, middle with pullknob boost, bass with pullknob boost, lead drive, reverb, lead level, and master volume. This is a vintage, early 1980s fender 75 combo amplifier, serial number f075634. And then theyll also build some amplifiers that dont sound that great. Prowess amplifiers fender schematics bassman ab165. Tone master twin reverb tone master deluxe reverb mustang lt25. The phone number for fender s consumer relations dept. Fender 65 princeton reverb 1x10 15watt tube combo amp.

I will have mercy on you but i wont do the work for you. Find out how to get your instrument serviced or repaired at an authorized service center in the us or canada. Modern features include three channels normal, drive, more drive and fx loop. Fender 75 fender custom engineered amplifiers fender fuse manual original fender fuse quick start harvard 1981 harvard reverb harvard reverb. Some 12at7s that will work just fine as phase inverters v6 will crackle and hiss in this position. Fender bandmaster 6g7a schematic 40 watt 212 combo. The pro originally called the professional is one of fender s oldest amp designs. Learn how to play songs by your favorite artists, including blake shelton, the beach boys, richie valens, meghan trainor, r.

It has served with only minor tube amp problems ever since. View and download fender hot rod deluxe service diagram online. The fender 75 amplifier requires the following components. You do have to blow it up somewhat, but hey, thats one of things. The fender 75 is a two channel amplifier with a clean and a distortion channel. Whether you need to speak to consumer relations or simply want to drop us a line, this is your source.

It appears the upper back panel has been cracked and taped back together. We have a huge schematics inventory, projects section and forum. The original tweed deluxe amp of the 1950s is well known as being one of the finest tone machines ever devised. Fender diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. Free electronics schematic diagrams downloads, electronics cad software, electronics circuit and wiring diagrams, guitar wiring diagrams, tube amplifier schematics, electronics repair manuals, amplifier layout diagrams,pcb software for making printed circuit boards, amplifier design software cad for drawing circuit diagrams free download. Fender amp schematics to assist you with your amplifier repairs and modifications. For example, the early amps were covered in tweed cloth, referred to as airline linen, that was similar to what was commonly found on luggage in that era, while later amps. Thanks but i am looking for just the tube layout that is inside the amp where it states v1 12 ax7 and so on. Now that weve covered the signal flow ill go back and cover the other amplifier components that i didnt mention.

Fender 75 vintage higain 75 watt tube amp with images. The reissue fender deluxe reverb is becoming a popular amp, so why not do some rewiring to get the most out of it. Sep 22, 2014 fender deluxe tube amp schematic model 5c3. Champamp, class a, 1955, 1956, 5e1, amp, amplifier, champ, champ archive, fender, schematic, tweed, vintage. The first cloth used was an offwhite fabric, followed by a horizontalstripe twotone pattern, and finally a. I found the tube layout of that one, but given some of the tubes are dedicated to more than one function im still not sure as to which one isdoes what in the head version of the amp. Fender hot rod deluxe service diagram pdf download. Im once again gonna forgo a reader question and bring you a story i think youll find interesting. Before you call, realize that fender does most of its customer service through authorized repair centers. Bosss waza tube amp expander is an innovative device that works in. Help with fender prosonic head tube positions the gear page.

Question about fender model 75 amplifier the steel guitar forum. Fender hot rod deville 410 iii 60w 4x10 tube guitar combo amp. Fender bandmaster 6g7 schematic 40 watt 310 combo head. Because of the high demands placed on this tube by the fender reverb driver design, its important to get a good quality 12at7 for this slot. Designwise the tube amplifiers were quite different from their predecessors.

Utilization 1980 fender model 75, 75 watt, rivera designed model combo amp. Along with simple and flexible connectivity, the slide interface includes two complimentary versions of ik multimedias amplitube, amp and fx modeling software. Nov 19, 2010 in this article we cover how to lay out and build the chassis for a vacuum tube guitar amplifier. The fender slide interface provides everything you need to start using your mobile device or pc as a recording, performing or guitar instructional workstation. Like other fender amps, the pro evolved in the 50s and 60s with different cabinet styles.

The 75 was one of three amps that shared the distinction of being the first fender designs to utilize the cascaded gainstage principle to achieve the saturated overdrive tones first popularized by mesaboogie the other two amps were the 30 and the 140, both of them relatively rare and discontinued early on. A schematic shows electrical flow while a layout diagram shows the physical location of the amps components. Fender guitar amp fuses are mdl type slow blow or time delay, size 3ag, 14 inch 6mm wide by 1 14 inch 30mm long. Fender amp preamp tube layout and recommendations kca nos. Notice how convoluted the signal path thick grey lines is compared to the schematic. The fender 57 amp is a limitededition 12w, handwired tube amplifier with a 12 audio speaker, housed in a stunning splitgrille cabinet with allnew hardware and black piano lacquer finish. Also the drip edge and grille cloth is slightly bent in on one side. It has reverb, and the output can be switched from 15 watts to 75 watts. I also have fenders customer service email, which is hard to find, but only use it if you genuinely have some sort of real problem or a serious question. I have done extensive mods to mine and it is now a killer.

The phone number for fenders consumer relations dept. Better 12at7s notably, the mullard cv4024, mullard ecc81 or rca 12at7 s will also improve the tone of. Fender guitar amplifier owners manuals archive fender. In the mid60s the pro was replaced by the pro reverb, and the design was changed to the silverface style in 1973. With a few essential tools and proper procedures, youll find that building a vacuum tube guitar. Bass guitar tuner online tuning bass guitars fender. In this article we cover how to lay out and build the chassis for a vacuum tube guitar amplifier. Fender amp heaven schematics tweed blackface brownface. It is in fairly clean condition considering the age. Fender blues junior iv 15watt 1x12 tube combo amp black. While this article is intended primarily for the homebrew builder, it will also be useful background for the kit builder. Leo fender began building guitar amplifiers before he started manufacturing electric guitars. Feb 07, 2016 fender 75 all tube all original from 1980. Love it now i have a 75 that i bought new when they first came out.

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